Thé noir de Kagoshima (50g)
Thé noir de Kagoshima (50g)

Kagoshima black tea (50g)

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Kagoshima black tea

Did you ask for a tasty black tea? We did it.

What's this ?

Black tea has long been known in Europe.

It is indeed the tea which is best preserved while keeping its original flavor. This made it the ideal tea for transporting over long months.

Kagoshima is a black tea rich in flavor, produced in Japan.

The oxidation of the leaves explains the color of this tea.

Depending on the region, the picking of its leaves takes place between April and May, during the first harvest. This event is eagerly awaited by tea lovers around the world (and we are one of it!).

Kagoshima tea is renowned for its delicate and floral aromas. It offers you a rich and fresh taste, without any bitterness in the mouth.

If you are looking for top quality black tea, Kagoshima is a must-have.

How do I prepare it?


Infusion time: 2 min 30

The opinion of Benjamin, founder of Vitalitea:

Bitterness: 7/10, Intensity of the aroma: 8/10, Taste intensity: 8/10.