Oolong japonais (50g)
Oolong japonais (50g)

Japanese oolong (50g)

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Japanese Oolong

To bed. Have a good night's sleep with Oolong tea.

What's this ?

It is special, this tea.

Not really green tea, but not really black tea either.

Also known as "blue-green tea", Oolong tea combines sweetness and subtle aromas.

But where does it come from?

Oolong tea has its origins in China, in the province of Fujian.

Its oxidation is not complete. This therefore explains its particular color and softness.

Cultivated mainly in China and Taiwan, there are some Oolong tea plantations in Japan. This tea has slimming virtues, as well as benefits due to the minerals it contains.

Low in caffeine, this tea is perfect to accompany your Netflix parties.

How do I prepare it?


5 to 7 min depending on the desired intensity

The opinion of Benjamin, founder of Vitalitea:

Bitterness: 3/10, Intensity of the aroma: 7/10, Taste intensity: 7/10.