Matcha Sakura (50g)
Matcha Sakura (50g)

Matcha Sakura (50g)

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Sakura Matcha

Fall for the star of Japanese green teas. You are going to be a fan.

What's this ?

Of Chinese origin, Matcha has long since become the benchmark Japanese green tea.

This nutrient-dense green tea is made from tender Tencha leaves. These are covered three weeks before harvest, as for Gyokuro.

This technique makes it possible to bring more sweetness to the tea.

The leaves are then dried in an oven at 180 ° C, then at 100 ° C. They then go through a final drying phase. After grinding, it is this powder which makes it possible to obtain Matcha tea.

Matcha tea is traditionally reserved for the Tea Ceremony, a symbol of Japan's well-known cultural finesse.

It is up to you to enjoy this tea rich in aromas.

How do I prepare it?

Find our preparation tips in our article.

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The opinion of Benjamin, founder of Vitalitea:

Bitterness: 7/10, Intensity of the aroma: 9/10, Taste intensity: 10/10