Kamairicha Izanagi (50g)
Kamairicha Izanagi (50g)

Kamairicha Izanagi (50g)

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Kamairicha Izanagi

For sweet Mondays. Savor the delicacy of our Kamairicha Izanagi tea.

What's this ?

Like Sencha, Kamairicha is a young tea.

This means that its leaves are picked during the first harvest, between April and May depending on the region. This is a highly anticipated event by tea connoisseurs around the world (including us!).

But what makes this tea so special?

The leaves of Kamairicha are rolled in a cauldron after harvest, which gives a roasting effect. This method is called Kamari.

This technique brings freshness to this Japanese tea, as well as delicate floral notes.

It is the ideal tea to start your week smoothly.

How do I prepare it?


Infusion time: 2 min

The opinion of Benjamin, founder of Vitalitea:

Bitterness: 6/10, Intensity of the aroma: 8/10, Taste intensity: 8/10