Hojicha d'Automne (50g)
Hojicha d'Automne (50g)

Autumn Hojicha (50g)

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Autumn Hojicha

Large meal ? Support your digestion with Hojicha tea.

What's this ?

Hojicha is a bancha tea.

This means that it is from the last tea harvest, which takes place in October.

His particuliarity ? This green tea is roasted over a bed of charcoal, in a manner similar to roasting coffee. This method dates back to the 1920s in Kyoto.

Thanks to its particular roasting, Hojicha d'Automne tea is rich in aromas. It has a toasted flavor that can make you think of coffee or even cocoa.

Are you the gourmet type? In this case, we advise you to drink it with fish (a delight).

It is also perfect for aiding digestion.

How do I prepare it?

70-80 °C (77°F)

Infusion time: 2-3 min

The opinion of Benjamin, founder of Vitalitea:

Bitterness: 5/10, Intensity of the aroma: 10/10, Taste intensity: 8/10