About us

The VitaliTea adventure


In search of an authentic and responsible tea

VitaliTea was born from the discovery of the true taste of tea, thanks to the father of the founder Benjamin Gantois. Until then, the latter had only known industrial teas, whose bitterness and lack of flavor did not manage to interest his taste buds.

When his father gives him a taste of quality tea, Benjamin takes it into his head to look for teas with a rich taste and ethically grown. He therefore decides to forge a partnership with a responsible cooperative in Japan.

In July 2017, VitaliTea was born.

Benjamin's greatest pride? To be able to offer quality tea to professionals and individuals alike.

The plus: for each order placed, VitaliTea gives a donation to one of its partner NGOs (Amnesty International, Plan International and UNICEF).

Act for others

VitaliTea's mission? Combine quality tea and support for partner NGOs.


(link: https://www.unicef.fr/)

International plan

(link: https://www.plan-international.fr/)

Amnesty International

(link: https://www.amnesty.org/fr/)




Each tea comes from Japan. We work with plantations that are committed to producing an authentic tea rich in aromas.


For each order placed, we donate to one of our partner NGOs: UNICEF, Plan International and Amnesty International.


More than a profession, tea is for us an art of living. We therefore take care to advise you to select the ideal tea according to your desires.