Délice de Jasmin (50g)
Délice de Jasmin (50g)

Jasmine Delight (50g)

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Jasmine green tea

For a cup full of sweetness.


What's this ?

Originally from China, this jasmine green tea combines sweetness and subtlety to create an exceptional beverage.

Tea leaves are harvested in late spring, when their freshness and delicacy are at their peak. They are then subjected to steam to limit their oxidation thanks to gentle heat.

This prepares them to absorb the scent of the jasmine flowers.

The latter are picked during the hottest period of summer and at midday, when they are closed to protect themselves from the sun. They open when they dry and cool, which allows them to release the fragrance that will impregnate the tea leaves with which they will be mixed.

If you want a delicate and flowery tea, jasmine green tea is for you!


How do I prepare it?


Duration of infusion: 5 min.