Pu'er Impérial du Yunnan (50g)
Pu'er Impérial du Yunnan (50g)

Yunnan Imperial Pu'er (50g)

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Yunnan Imperial Pu'er Tea


Woody tea is looking for a (very) long-term relationship.


What's this ?

Pu'erh tea (also called dark tea in China), has been cultivated for millennia in Yunnan, China. Its name comes from Pu'erh, a commercial city in Yunnan province.

It is recognized by its dark color, between brown and red depending on its maturation.

Small peculiarity: this tea tends to improve over time. "Raw" Pu'erh teas thus take several years to form to give the undergrowth taste that makes Pu'erh tea so sought after!

Similarly, you can keep your Pu'erh tea bag for a year, ten years, or even longer if you manage to resist the temptation to drink whole cups of it (we fell for it before…).


How do I prepare it?


Duration of infusion: 4 min.