Comment préparer un thé Matcha

How to prepare Matcha tea

What is matcha? This iconic tea is made by grinding Japanese tea leaves (Tencha) into a fine powder, which is then mixed directly with hot water. This differs from the usual preparation method, where the leaves are simply steeped in water. Matcha is one of the most nutritionally rich types of tea. Take advantage of matcha at any time of the day and enjoy the myriad of nutritional benefits (watch out for caffeine 😉).



  1. First, turn on the kettle and grab yourself a mug, bowl, or, if you want more authenticity, try using a chawan, a traditional Japanese tea cup.
  2. Once the water is boiling, wait a minute or two for the water temperature to be around 80 ° C. If the water is too hot, your tea may become too bitter.
  3. Add a small teaspoon of matcha to your cup and fill with about 60ml of hot water.
  4. Using a chasen or a whisk, mix the powder with the water so that no lumps remain in the tea. Stir for one minute in a “W” motion until the tea has many small bubbles on the surface and appears slightly frothy.

Your tea is now ready, so sit back, relax and enjoy your Matcha. đŸ”


  • Try adjusting the amount of water and matcha used until you find the taste you want.
  • Traditional matcha green tea is much more bitter than regular green tea, so you might need something sweet to balance the taste.

⚠ Important note: Matcha is fairly concentrated in caffeine, so be careful about how much you want to consume. 

Do you have any doubts? Start with small amounts and increase as you go.

Good tasting ! 😋

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Everything is perfectly clear.
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Good explanations of matcha tea will appriciate if you do more teas like yellow tea please. Thank you

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